AE Global Innovation Contest

Vision and Scope

Technological Innovation

AE Global Innovation Award is a recognized prize of innovation in energy areas and promotes the spirit of technological endeavor and entrepreneurship to strengthen our prosperous and sustainable future.

Young Scholars and Entrepreneurs

The contest offers a platform for young scholars and entrepreneurs to bring forth their ideas into fruition. It is initiated by leaders from both academia and industry, with a focus of promoting energy- and environment-related research and technology into commercialization.

Energy, environment, and economy

The energy sector is a critical pillar of the world economy and has undergone rapid growth in recent years. Technology innovation in the energy area continuously spurs the economy and supports a clean future. International collaboration provides the foundation for disruptive ideas and projects, which have tremendous potentials for commercialization to bring values to the society.

Eligibility and Conditions

The competition is open to all young scholars/innovators/entrepreneurs in the energy- and environment- technology sectors. Participants are expected to form a team and develop a novel application project. Teams may submit more than one project, but they are to be submitted as separate projects for individual assessment.

Evaluation Criteria

Innovation (25%)
The idea...
  • addresses the problem from novel and diverse perspectives

  • is original/disruptive in the market

  • challenges the status-quo and establishes new grounds

Execution (30%)
The product...
  • is demonstrated in a concrete fashion

  • considers the constraints and works with limited/expanding resources

  • is in a good stand to be deployed/commercialized

Delivery (20%)
The proposal...
  • persuades/inspires the audience (investors, users, regulators, etc.)

  • describes a viable/compelling business plan/model

  • is clear and insightful

Impact (25%)
The solution...
  • can potentially bring substantial value to the society/economy/environment

  • can spur further development/ investment/adoption/policy

  • will promote energy innovation


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