Applied Energy Symposium and Forum: REM2017


Panel discussion:

From clean energy research into innovation

The society collectively faces grand challenges of environmental deterioration, massive urbanization, aging and unreliable infrastructure, and natural resource depletion in the century to come. The energy and environment sectors are critical pillars of the world economy and have undergone rapid growth in recent years. Clean energy research and technology worldwide such as distributed energy resources, microgrid, smart buildings and smart city have been leveraging and pushing advancement in control, behavior science, power system, and material research to provide potentially impactful solutions to address these issues. Technology innovation is fundamentally important to continuously spur the economy and support a clean and sustainable future. Research and innovation in academic institutes and private sectors provide the foundation for disruptive ideas and projects, which have tremendous potentials to bring values to the society.

In this panel, our invited panelists will discuss and share their views on a range of topics from the vision of clean energy research in ensuring a sustainable future to the challenges and opportunities of bringing innovation to real world products/services, and how researchers, entrepreneurs, government agencies, private sectors around the globe can play a positive role in solving the societal-scale problems collaboratively.

Aligned with the topic of “From clean energy research into innovation”, the Applied Energy Global Innovation award is a large-scale international innovation contest for researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs in clean technology area. It provides the opportunity and platform to take the research to high society impact, with a focus of promoting energy-, environment-related solutions. The panel will also discuss the potential role of building the spirit of innovation and commercializing innovation to strengthen economic future.

Time: October 20, 10:30 – 11:50am